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Eliran Oved: Milo & Biomechanoids

Join Milo in his 3rd journey and find out everything about the mysterious race of biomechanoids.

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Eliran Oved: Milo & Biomechanoids

Welcome to the magical world of Milo's Journeys

Dive into the magical world of Milo’s Journeys, a series of enchanting tales that ignite the imagination and warm the heart. Created by Eliran Oved, these stories follow young Milo through realms of magic, mystery, and adventure, teaching timeless lessons of courage, friendship, and the power of kindness. Perfect for young readers and families to explore together, each book is a portal to a world where wonder knows no bounds. Explore the series today and embark on a journey you’ll never forget.
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Eliran Oved

Eliran Oved, born in Israel in 1987, is a storyteller whose passion lies in creating magical worlds for children. Inspired by his son, Eliran’s stories blend adventure with lessons on kindness and courage, captivating young readers globally.
His celebrated Milo’s Journeys series has not only garnered a following for its enchanting narratives but also reflects his deep commitment to sharing the joy of reading with children everywhere.
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Through the eyes of Milo, I invite young readers and families to explore worlds where magic is real, and courage shines brightest. These stories are not just adventures; they are heartbeats of my life, shared with you.

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Join us at the upcoming meeting with Eliran Oved in Tel Aviv for a special opportunity to receive a signed copy of your favorite book from the Milo’s Journeys series. This exclusive event offers fans a rare chance to connect with the author and take home a personalized piece of the magic.

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