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Hello there! I am Eliran Oved, children book writer. I am 34 and I live with my beloved family in Tel Aviv, Israel.

My son is my greatest muse, inspiring me to craft worlds filled with wonder and magic. Through his eyes, I rediscover the joy of adventure and the boundless possibilities of imagination.

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Eliran Oved

As an author, my son is the inspiration behind the worlds I create. His curiosity and joy inspire me to write stories that spark the imagination and teach valuable lessons. My series, Milo’s Journeys, is a reflection of this inspiration, offering adventures that resonate with readers of all ages.
Through my writing, I aim to:
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Eliran met his wife, Miriam, a compassionate social worker.
Graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible.
Welcomed their son, Daniel, who became a source of inspiration for Eliran’s writing.
Began writing children’s books, drawing from his love for storytelling and magical worlds.

 Closed release of Milo and The Enchanted Forest, the first book in the series, to critical acclaim.

Continued to expand the Milo’s Journeys series with new adventures.

Released more books in the series, further establishing his presence in the world of children’s literature.

2 new books coming in 2024, 2 new book bundles, stay tuned!

Best selling & brand new:

Eliran Oved: The Melody of The Enchanted Forest

Book №1

Eliran Oved: Milo & Biomechanoids

Book №3

Book bundle by Eliran Oved

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